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#40 marcia d
May 24, 2017

the season 2 finale has marcia d keeping it very real: partnership without marriage, how to accept setbacks as part of the path and why you should never read someone else's journal


#39 ryan j
May 17, 2017

ryan johnstone gets after it: liberation from the gender binary, navigating family tension around identity and breaking down our “barbie and ken” notions of love


#38 grace c
May 10, 2017

a deep dive with writer grace clarke: architecting great dates, understanding serial monogamy and the weird sex appeal of jeff goldblum


#37 sipiwe m
May 3, 2017

actor sipiwe moyo shares her experiences setting out on a love vision quest, getting to kiss her celebrity crush and what oprah would have to say about all this


#36 whitney m b
April 26, 2017

actor whitney maris brown dishes about wrestling with darkness, exploring ethical non-monogamy and the poetic perfection that is "lover you should have come over"


#35 lisa r
April 19, 2017

nyc based director lisa r dishes about coming out in the 90s, the faith necessary for long term partnership and the map laid out for her by madeleine l'engle and ursula leguin.


#34 helen g
April 12, 2017

#twssontheroad brings you the last of our berlin files: helen g talks little women, knowing what you want from a young age and the best language to fight in


#33 ms v p
April 5, 2017

activist/organizer/advocate v phillips brings the truth and the light to this ep: overcoming a painful childhood, how having a son changed her understanding of love, and the lasting power of judy blume


#32 shelly s
march 29, 2017

actor and innovator shelly slovin shares her experience with divorce, the meditative quality of loving your children and what advice she would've given herself 50 years ago


#31 kristen b
march 22, 2017

berlin based actor kristen bush shares her experience with a small town upbringing, long-distance relationships and finding love in a seriously unexpected place


#30 kate f
march 15, 2017

wonder woman and my former babysitter kate fitzgerald talks about helping to raise someone else's children, when love is a total surprise and what it's like to be married as a self-proclaimed loner


#29 nathalie m n
march 8, 2017

entrepreneur and artist nathalie molina niño takes us through her bold love experiment: to stay single until she turned 40 - the highs, the lows, and the indelible truths she discovered along the way


#28 sarah t m
march 1, 2017

sarah tolan mee waxes poetic on barefoot band camp, the tension between work and love and finding a soulmate on german craig's list


#27 sarah l
february 22, 2017

twss heads to berlin! performer/director/curator sarah l tells us about a truly exquisite first kiss, dating in germany and the drama of getting married against the backdrop of a local riot


#26 boo k
february 15, 2017

writer/performer boo k talks driving cars in 8th grade, surviving heartbreak overseas and an early morning marriage proposal gone awry


#25 annamaria p
february 8, 2017

a truly international woman, annamaria p shares memories of a later-in-life first kiss, loving someone from another culture, and looking all over the world to find love was right in her back yard


#24 anna g
february 1, 2017

writer/actor anna greenfield takes us through surviving a year from hell, facing deep betrayal and the questionable witchcraft of bon iver


#23 brenda e
january 25, 2017

sister brenda e walks us through her journey toward becoming a nun, the multiple definitions of love and how listening is at the heart of everything


#22 tara c
january 18, 2017

writer and master storyteller tara clancy dishes about her unusual childhood, getting a crush to ride on your skateboard and navigating an open marriage


#21 mo m
january 11, 2017

back in the habit! ep 21 has actor/writer mo m talking francophilia, the poetry of jack gilbert and having serious hots for anthony bourdain