season three

sakina j.JPG

#60 sakina jaffrey
may 2, 2018

actor sakina jaffrey closes out our third season with tales of an international childhood, staying connected in a long marriage and how to build faith in love over time

leslie g.jpg

#59 leslie gauthier
april 25, 2018

writer/actor/director leslie gauthier takes us through her experience surviving cancer, seeking lesbian role models and what almond days are

genevieve j.jpg

#58 genevieve jones
april 18, 2018

producer genevieve j visits the twss bed to dish on the danger of safe relationships, letting her inner wild child out and why having a bad time in italy is a really red flag

michaela w.jpg

#57 michaela watkins
april 11, 2018

actor michaela watkins brings hilarity and wisdom to the twss bed with tales of dating drummers, why you should not marry your best friend and a nursing a crush on an unexpected cast member of stand by me

christine f.jpg

#56 christine fitzsimmons
april 4, 2018

nurse and international aid worker christine fitzsimmons takes us through experiencing early loss, identifying love addiction and what it means to shark in relationships

roxanna r.jpg

#55 roxanna radja
march 28, 2018

actor roxanna radja stops by the bed to share her thoughts on growing up feeling "other," finding love after she had given up and coming to terms with not having children

martha m.JPG

#54 martha marion
march 21, 2018

actor/comedian martha marion does a deep dive about experiencing tremendous loss in love, finding home in other people and how to break up with someone via song

aisha a.jpg

#53 aisha alfa
march 14, 2018

comedian/host/actor aisha alfa gets real about recovering from a painful heartbreak, why keeping your opinion about other's partners to yourself is a good idea, and the everlasting magic of bambi

barbara w.jpg

#52 barbara walsh
march 7, 2018

actor and singer barbara walsh stops by the bed to talk finding love after having given up on it, surviving cancer, and a run in with bobby kennedy!

marianne r.png

#51 marriane rendon
february 28, 2018

actor marianne rendon stops by the bed to talk dating with an age difference, the costs of cheating and what getting a dog taught her about living in the grey area

stacy o.JPG

#50 stacy osei-kuffour
february 21, 2018

writer and actor stacy osei-kuffour talks formative invisible friends, the appeal of british men and getting your partner to enact your food fantasies

yvonne s.JPG

#49 yvonne slaten
february 14, 2018

yvonne slaten takes us though surviving a traumatic childhood, the intricacies of forgiveness and partnership with an age difference

zoe s.jpeg

#48 zoe sarnak
february 7, 2018

composer and lyricist zoe sarnak dishes about having post-gender parents, not being a fancy lady and how "the l word" litmus test works

sophie h.jpg

#47 sophie h
january 31, 2018

sophie h dismantles old notions of romantic love, talks non-monogamy and speculates about why the portugese love codfish so


#46 tricia alexandro
january 24, 2018

tricia a brings the truth and poetry to her experiences with sexual violence, learning to be loved, and what it means when someone's eyes "dance"

becky ann b.jpg

#45 becky ann baker
january 17, 2018

becky ann b talks about how to pick a good partner, the importance of compromise and her very special ex-boyfriend: larry david 

dr tracy b.jpg

#44 dr tracy boykin
january 10, 2018

the doctor is in: dr tracy b shares her experience losing her partner, parenting solo, and a serious fetish for men over 6'5"


#43 kimberly senior
january 3, 2018

theatre director kimberly senior waxes poetic about extremely young love, experiments in celibacy and a legitimate crush on walt whitman


#42 grace mclean
december 27, 2017

musician/actor/femme extraordinaire grace mclean gets good and vulnerable: strict christian beginnings, how to juggle many crushes at once and the art of the deeply personal journal entry


#41 emilie aries
december 20, 2017

season three premiere! emilie a opens the new season with tales of a birthday break-up, getting out of a toxic relationship and the hidden perils of unconditional love