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#20 lauren w
september 7, 2016

season 1 finale! comedian/actress/writer lauren weedman shares her take on divorce, moving on from disaster and the intrigue of the foreign exchange student


#19 jackie k
august 31, 2016

actress and writer jackie katzman on self-esteem, the struggle to have children and what is so beautiful about the work of partnership


#18 heather h
august 24, 2016

more wisdom from the west coast: heather hendrickson discusses knowing when relationships are over, being your own knight in shining armor and a deeply dramatic walk of shame


#17 amie s
august 18, 2016

musician and addiction counselor amie smith does a beachside episode about fresh heartbreak, a developing sense of self and her desire to be the phantom of the opera


#16 heather r
august 10, 2016

musician, actor and writer heather robb talks long distance love, being friends with exes and the poetry of the movie speed


#15 deb h
july 27, 2016

teacher and female extraordinaire deb hecht shares her experiences with marriage, divorce and the wise words of anton chekhov


#14 rachel r
july 20, 2016

actor and social worker rachel rusch shares her experiences growing up in texas, crushing on friends and how we can best take care of each other


#13 ann g
july 13, 2016

very special guest: my aunt ann gearen shares her thoughts on sustaining long-term relationships, raising children and what we can learn from jane austen


#11 polly l
june 28, 2016

actor and director polly lee dishes about the differences between european and american men, separating from your parents and her love for secretary of state john kerry


#10 delia k
june 22, 2016

actor and transgender advocate delia crop waxes poetic about growing up in the midwest, multiple marriages and the journey toward self discovery


#9 natalie c
june 15, 2016

social worker and relationship advice columnist natalie chap shares her thoughts about formative sexual experiences, certainty in love and the impermanence of it all


#8 emma t f
june 8, 2016

comedian and writer emma tattenbaum-fine shares her unique perspective on individuality, open relationships and the restorative powers of sea salt


#7 jules l
june 1, 2016

musician and actress jules latimer talks falling apart in the face of heartbreak, self-discovery at a young age and loving hard


#6 teresa s
may 25, 2016

in this chicago-themed episode, teresa spizzirri talks about her adventures in love, learning to fully accept a partner and the endless search for certainty


#5 amelia w
may 18, 2016

actor and writer amelia workman shares intimate and hilarious thoughts on the legacy of dads, dating in nyc and how to apologize


#4 claire s
may 11, 2016

actor and producer claire siebers drops by the bed to talk infidelity, creating boundaries in a relationship, and the intersection of love and grief


#3 annie p
may 4, 2016

actor and teacher annie purcell discusses love, the decision to get married and the challenge of deciding to have children as an artist


#2 susan g
april 27, 2016

national treasure and social worker susan goodwillie stops by my bed to dish about french boys, infidelity and the wisdom of krishnamurti


#1 lisa k
april 19, 2016

podcast premiere! actor and comedian lisa kleinman starts us off right with tales of young love, serial monogamy and the charm of the staten island ferry