season four

gina daniels that's what she said.jpeg

#80 gina daniels
april 17, 2019

season 4 finale! actor gina daniels talks having a long term relationship without marriage, what she’s learned from being wrong, and the best love advice she’s ever gotten or given

kate rigg that's what she said.jpg

#79 jade kate rigg
april 10, 2019

comic/actor/writer/producer kate rigg has some very hot takes on sex, sexuality, dating a porn star and why self help books are unnecessary

jade catta-preta that's what she said.jpg

#78 jade catta-preta
april 3, 2019

comedian and actor jade catta-preta is here to talk young love in brazil, codependence, and surviving a rough break up

catherine cohen that's what she said

#77 catherine cohen
march 20, 2019

comedian extraordinaire catherine cohen talks relationship power dynamics, religious baggage and overly loving dads

stacy yen thats what she said

#76 kaz
march 13, 2019

actor stacey yen stops by the bed to dish about the power of female friendships, being an old soul but a late bloomer and having a pragmatic view of love

kaz thats what she said.JPG

#75 kaz
march 6, 2019

karen “kaz” lucas - host of africa’s biggest sex positive podcast "the spread" makes it a very special 75th ep: teaching sex positivity in nairobi, making polyamory work, and her infinite love for janelle monae


#74 april perkins
february 27, 2019

louisville based marketing maven and artist april perkins talks discovering infidelity, becoming a step-mom, and an extremely creative approach to dating in her 30s

julia jordan that's what she said.jpg

#73 julia jordan
february 20, 2019

playwright and founder of the lilly award foundation julia jordan takes us through living on a boat for 20 years, a mid 30s panic about having children, and an "aha" moment for the ages

naomi mwaura that's what she said

#72 naomi mwaura
february 13, 2019

our second #twssontheroad nairobi interview has naomi mwaura sharing her history with being cheated on, breaking off an engagement and who makes her ovaries quiver

meg fee that's what she said.jpeg

#71 meg fee
february 6, 2019

meg fee, author of the memoir Places I Stopped on the Way Home drops by the twss bed to talk about her robust decade of dating and coming of age in nyc

beth lopes thats what she said

#70 beth lopes
january 30, 2019

theatre director beth lopes dishes about the legacy of stable parents, the pain of unrequited love, and the struggle to conceive


#69 hope edelman
january 23, 2019

new york times best selling author hope edelman (motherless daughters) visits the twss bed to discuss the intersection of love & grief, cultivating faith in love and most importantly, how to win a bar fight

mfoniso udofia that's what she said.jpg

#68 mfoniso udofia
january 16, 2019

playwright mfoniso udofia is here to talk about the pain and joy of unrequited young love, the importance of romance lit, and why it's so hard to talk about the personal on podcasts

helen rubinstein thats what she said

#67 helen betya rubinstein
january 9, 2019

helen betya rubinstein stops by the twss bed to discuss her nytimes modern love column on ‘single’ identity and how to queer the romantic timeline

candice thompson that's what she said.jpg

#66 candice thompson
january 2, 2019

comedian candice thompson talks the perils of having a good dad, dating sociopaths and the moment you realize a relationship may not be on your vision board

corena chase that's what she said.jpg

#65 corena chase
december 26, 2018

corena chase takes us through her 10 dating guidelines, how she arrived at them and how to enjoy the experience of looking for love


#64 mary mwangi
december 19, 2018

from nairobi: our first twss on the road ep of season 4! mary mwangi takes us through making a new model for love than the one you grew up with, the value of persistence and the charms of tyler perry

elle huerta that's what she said

#63 elle huerta
december 12, 2018

elle huerta on why she created "mend" - the #1 app for heartbreak, and how we can carry the lessons of heartbreak with us into our new relationships

suzanne rico that's what she said.jpg

#62 suzanne rico
december 5, 2018

journalist suzanne rico offers unvarnished truth about being treated badly in partnership, fertility struggles and learning to trust your instincts

that's what she said bonus live episode.jpg

bonus: live episode!
original recording: june 25, 2018

our first live show! join guests tala ashe, lisa kleinman, bridget todd, nina grollman and kathryn meisle for a raucous and hilarious night in brooklyn dishing about “firsts”

shakina nayfack.jpg

#61 shakina nayfack
november 28, 2018

season 4 premiere! performer/director/writer/producer/activist shakina nayfack starts the season out right talking about love, sex, betrayal and forgiveness