that's what she said

with therese barbato

a podcast about how and why we love

© Craig Mungavin

© Craig Mungavin

Drop into the middle of raw and honest conversations about love, sex, family, heartbreak, and how we define ourselves in and out of relationships. Therese Barbato hosts this slumber-party style podcast from her bed in Brooklyn, where guests unpack and explore how their personal history and experiences have shaped their unique sense of love.

Therese has been obsessed with all things Love from the time she was a wee girl. After years of cornering people at parties to get to the bottom of their love lives, she decided to take those intimate conversations into a public forum via that’s what she said. Therese is curious not just about who we love (or don’t), but how we came by our personal roadmap for love — our early notions and heartbreaks, our expectations and discoveries. Her probing questions have a way of revealing the larger truths of how we all succeed, fail and learn in love.

© Larkin Clark

© Larkin Clark

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“Her interview style is extremely organic and her ebullient, childlike sense of wonder gently guides her participants to authentically share fascinating perspectives on their experiences in and out of love.” — Ira Israel

“If you've ever wondered why our culture likes to hide heartbreak and how to know when you’re in a peak relationship that helps you transcend into the best you, this is for you.” —Olivia Lucero

“…she possesses this ‘witchy quality’ that makes you want to open up to her- a genuine curiosity about so many things, but especially about Love.” — Tala Ashe

“That’s What She Said’ is the slumber party-style podcast you’ve been waiting for.” —Larkin

“This podcast is funny and doesn't take itself too seriously, but still manages to be warm and navigate sensitive issues with emotional depth, a hard balance to achieve.” —Ben Kuebrich

© Craig Mungavin

© Craig Mungavin

Our Team

Therese Barbato, creator, host and producer

Tala Ashe, producer

Jeffrey Augustine Songco, digital editor